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Kamyra Harding spent her childhood living on both coasts of the USA as well as overseas. This early exposure to the world shaped her personality. She's a fair person and a hard worker. She believes that coupled with the chance to prove oneself, education and hard work are the primary keys to professional success. Organized is a word that has always aptly described Kamyra. As a child she meticulously arranged her toys according to a system only she could decipher. Today she organizes events, programs and organizations, customizing systems that enable her clients to be most effective.

Kamyra Harding has extensive executive level experience in grassroots advocacy, fundraising, membership and volunteer board development. With two decades of service in not-for-profit management and administration, she has worked with a variety of organizations including the United Nations Association of the USA and the American Red Cross in Greater New York. Her skills portfolio includes fundraising, direct marketing, partnership development, strategic planning, training, facilitation, and program design/management/evaluation.

Professional writing is the most recent addition to Kamyra's career. A closet journaler and story drafter, she hadn't considered writing as a profession until she became a mother. After her 2005 Letter to the Editor of New York magazine was published, she stumbled onto an essayist and freelance writing career. She writes about families and parenting. Kamyra considers writing her second child. Her insightful work informs the reader about home life issues. She addresses society's fundamental concerns in a friendly tone that challenges readers without intimidating them. Kamyra's writing has appeared in The MotherHood magazine, Black Family Today magazine,, and MommyToo! magazine.

Kamyra's social consciousness compels her to participate in community-based endeavors. Through her volunteer activities, as an advocate for women and families, she has touched the lives of many New Yorkers. Kamyra is an active member of the Greater New York Chapter of The Links, Inc., and the Junior League of Brooklyn. She is an non-governmental organization representative to the United Nations for The Links, Incorporated and a 2006-2008 Scott-Hawkins Leadership Institute fellow. A Riverside Church Children and Families Ministries volunteer and past service consultant for the Association of Junior Leagues International, she has served on the boards of the Greater New York Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Junior League of Brooklyn and the New York Virtual Charter School. Kamyra resides in New York City with her husband and son.

Photo Credit: John Oko Nyaku, Photo Works