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Thank you so much for presenting at our Tri-League Training. Your workshops were exceptional. It was so nice of you to spend extra time with our Nominating Committee members. They are very appreciative of your input. ~ Sharon Salter (President, Junior League of Syracuse)

Your energy, positive attitude, sense of humor and hard work is very much appreciated, as is your willingness to go the extra mile, as you did for the last Board meeting. Your presentation was very informative and went a long way towards helping those who were present, gain a better understanding... Keep up the excellent work! Your dedication has not gone unnoticed! ~ Mahesh Krishnamurti (President, United Nations Association of the USA / Southern New York State Division)

That was by far the best managed and substantive meeting of UNA-USA that I have attended . . . There was not a glitch and I am proud. You were an elegant and secure presence throughout the convention. I am so impressed by your grasp of the issues, your relationship to the Chapter leaders, and your dedication to this work. ~ William H. Luers (President, United Nations Association of the USA)

Kamyra Harding has a terrific style of writing that informs and engages the reader. ~ Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole (President, Bennett College for Women)

Kamyra Harding is one of those clear-minded women who can express very important concerns with clarity and humor (in those wonderful moments when humor would fit better than anything else). In a time when the fundamental truths of civilized living need to be repositioned above the half-truths and misunderstandings that abound, Kamyra Harding does an excellent job of expressing high principles with good humor and a common touch. ~ Stanley Crouch (Author and Critic)

Kamyra is a thoughtful and smart chronicler of what it means to be a mother. She has a gift for articulating through precise and colorful prose the rugged terrain of motherhood and parenting. Journalism and parenting could not be in better harmony. ~ Farrell Evans (Writer, Sports Illustrated Magazine)

When it comes to writing, editing and designing your message you are in the hands of a pro with Kamyra Harding. ~ Juan Williams (Author and Political Analyst)

Photo Credit: John Oko Nyaku, Photo Works